Friday, May 7, 2010

BlueberryCake,Chocolate Moist&Mini Cake

Ni Order from ny OpisMate Kak Zana For Bday G'Gurl Nya Umaira...
so Buat 3jenis cake ni ~~~ Tqvm Kak Zana
~3.5kg Blueberry cake+Edible Image
~1kg++ Chocolate Moist
~40pcs Mini Cake+Edible Image

Ni Mini Chocolate Moist Cake+Edible Image
ni utk Letak dlm Goodies Pack @ Nursery)

Chocolate moist+edible image
Nie pulak for Celeb8 with family

Blueberry cake + edible images
(Fresh Cream,Blueberry jem,Chocolate chip,Chocolate cream)
-Kek ni hantar ke Nursery utk Celeb8 with Kwn2

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